Project Team Members

Project Leadership

  • Jeffrey D. Blank, MPA
    Assistant Vice President for Research
    Office of the Vice President for Research
  • Linda R. Duska, MD, MPH
    Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
    Interim Associate Dean for Clinical Research
  • Thea Grover-Patrick, MBA
    Director, Strategic Initiatives, Health System
  • Olga Kipnis, MS, PMP
    Project Manager – Clinical Research Improvement in Systems and Processes
    Director, Project Management and Continuous Improvement, SOM

Executives and Sponsors

  • David S. Wilkes, MD
    Dean, UVA School of Medicine
    James Carroll Flippin Professor of Medical Science
  • Richard P. Shannon, MD
    Executive Vice President for Health Affairs
  • Pamela M. Sutton-Wallace, MPH
    Chief Executive Officer, University of Virginia Medical Center

Steering Committee

  • Elizabeth H. Adams
    Assistant Vice President for Research Administration,
    Office of Sponsored Programs, University of Virginia
  • James A. Amato, MBA
    Chief of Clinical Ancillary Services and
    Interim Chief Operating Officer for Hospital and Clinics Operations
  • David J. Hudson, PhD
    Associate VP for Research, University of Virginia
  • Katherine L. Peck, MBA
    Chief Operating Officer, School Of Medicine
  • Margaret A. Shupnik, Ph.D.
    Professor of Medicine and Physiology, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism
    Senior Associate Dean for Research, School of Medicine


  • Lee Baszczewski,  BA, PMP, Lean – Black Belt
    Director, Organizational Excellence, University of Virginia
  • Christopher M. Kramer, MD
    Ruth C. Heede Professor of Cardiology
    Professor of Radiology
  • Michael R. Marquardt, MBA, MPH
    Chief of Staff, Office of the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs


  • Cricket Birk, RN CCRN
    Clinical Research Coordinator, Department of Anesthesiology
  • Sandra Burks, RN, BSN, CCRC
    Associate Director, Surgical Therapeutic Advancement Center
  • Stewart P. Craig, MS
    Assistant Dean for Research Administration
    Director, Office of Grants and Contracts
  • Parchayi Dalal, MPH, CCRC
    Manager, Office of Clinical Research, Cancer Center
  • Lori Elder, RN BSN CCRA
    Director, SOM Clinical Trials Office
  • Lydia Fetcho, MS
    Technical Business Analyst, School of Medicine
  • Jeff Gill
    Web Developer, Office of VP for Research
  • Susie Hoffman, RN BSN CIP
    Director: IRB for Health Sciences Research
  • Lynn Koplin, M.A., CRCP
    Assistant Director of Contracts
    Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Johanna Loomba, BS, CCRC
    Director, UVa Neurosurgery Clinical Research
  • Robert Pastor
    Manager of Enterprise Architecture, Office of the CIO
  • Catherine A. Reniere, MA
    Cancer Informatics Program Manager
  • Dawn Spiller, MS
    Project Manager, SOM


  • Amy P. Adams, PharmD, CCRP
    Coordinator, Investigational Drug Service
  • Chris G. Allison
    Manager of Billing and Collections, University of Virginia Physicians Group
  • Lauren C. Benusa, Pharm.D.
    Investigational Drug Services Coordinator
  • Amy Camblos, BS
    Project Manager
  • Patrick Dillon, MD
    Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Amy C. Fansler, MPH CCRP
    Clinical Research Program Manager, Neurological Emergencies
  • Nathan B. Fountain, MD
    Professor of Neurology
    Director, FE Dreifuss Comprehensive Epilepsy Program
  • Allen Goode, MS, DABR
    Chief Diagnostic Medical Physicist, Chair HIRE & Co-Chair, Clinical Radiation Safety Committee
  • Dina Gould Halme, PhD
    Associate Director, Research Program Administration, Cancer Center
  • Joe Hart, PhD, ATC
    Associate Professor, Kinesiology
    Director of Clinical Research, Orthopaedic Surgery University of Virginia
  • David Kaufman, MD
    Professor of Pediatrics
    NICU Clinical Trials Group Director
  • Kyle E. Luedtke, Pharm.D., BCPS
    Pharmacist, Investigational Drug Services
  • Robert Meyer, MD
    Director, VCTRS
    Assc. Professor, Public Health Sciences
  • Jonathon Neel, MS, CISM, CISSP
    Information Security and Risk Management Officer, School of Medicine
  • Wendy M. Novicoff, Ph.D
    Associate Professor
    Department of Public Health Sciences and Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Kara Parsons, Pharm.D.
    Pharmacist, Investigational Drug Services
  • Kathy Richardson
    Clinical Trials Office Budget & Billing coordinator
  • Michael Salerno, MD, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Medicine, Radiology, and Biomedical Engineering
  • Angela Sherman, CRA
    Manager of Sponsored Projects Administration, School of Medicine
  • Richard D. Stevenson, M.D.
    Professor of Pediatrics
    Chief, Division of Developmental Pediatrics
    Medical Director, UVA Child Development and Rehabilitation Center
    Chair, Institutional Review Board-Health Sciences Research
  • Paul V Targonski, MD, PhD, MPH
    Associate Professor of Department of Public Health Sciences and
    Director for Clinical Research Initiatives
  • Ronald B. Turner, M.D.
    Professor of Pediatrics